UK Airport Parking


Estimates suggest that 45% of all people travelling to an airport take a car meaning that the annual spend on airport parking for trips and holidays is enormous especially when you consider that London Gatwick Airport has 32,600 car parking places and these can be full in peak times.


Save Money on Airport Parking


Leaving your airport car parking to the last minute will not only hurt your wallet but can lead to frustrations at peak holiday times as the lack of availability can result in certain car parks not being available.

The good news though is that by a bit of forward planning you can save as much as 50% on the cost of airport car parking and get a better choice of available car parks.

When booking you can usually get a choice of

Offsite Parking – This will normally work out the cheapest but will mean leaving your car at a site away from the airport and the car park provider will bus you to the airport and collect you on return.

Onsite Airport Parking – Your car will be left at a car park on the airport and you will use the airport shuttle bus to get to your terminal.

Meet and Greet – Meet and greet parking is the most convenient way to park your car at an airport. Simply drive to the departure area outside the terminal and have your car collected and parked for you and you just walk into your terminal. When you return, your car will be delivered back to the terminal for you meaning no buses to catch and you can drive straight home. This used to be an expensive option but nowadays can be had for a similar price to onsite airport parking for 2 weeks. Having used it we highly recommend it and more details can be found below.


Below are some ideas for companies to consider for the various options

Heathrow Airport, Stansted Airport, Southampton Airport, Glasgow Airport and Aberdeen Airport.

With BAA as the airports owners you can save money, guarantee your space and reserve the closest parking to the airport, making cheap airport parking even better value. As the owners of car parks Heathrow Airport, Southampton Airport, Glasgow Airport and Aberdeen Airport they advertise no one sells their parking cheaper than them. They do not sell car parking for any other UK airports.


Offsite and Onsite Parking
APH were voted winner of the Best Airport Parking Company at the 2010 British Travel Awards and offer 19 different parking options for Manchester Airport alone. So if you are looking for cheap parking they are worth a look.
Meet and Greet Airport Parking
Park and Go offers a number of meet and greet options at many of the leading UK airports and prices are often similar to a standard airport parking deal.


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